Lynchpin Token partners with leading game development company RMP Games

Following our official conference in Cambodia on October 15th, we would like to announce our 2nd partnership. Lynchpin Token partners with leading game development company in the Philippines, RMP Games. By adopting LYN token as a payment method for in-game purchases, we believe our project will get one step closer to combating volatility as far as cryptocurrency is concerned.

The gaming industry is in dire need of a stable coin, and RMP Games is currently developing one of the biggest gaming platforms in the Philippines. Founded by game developer Christian Jay Fababier, the RMP Games platform is still in its early stages. The team behind the project is planning the release of their proprietary RMP Market App in Q2 of 2019, as well as an RPG game named Aurora Awakening, which will be made available on PC.

More exciting games for the gaming community will follow up in Q3 and Q4 of 2019. Currently under development, RMG Games successfully launched MU Rampage Season 13, a free-to-play fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU. By partnering with RMP Games, the Lynchpin Token project will open its doors to all game enthusiasts out there. LYN token will be exclusively used to purchase in-game upgrades for all games developed by RMP games.

By developing a stable token that can be used a trusted medium of exchange, the Lynchpin Token is looking to disrupt yet another industry - gaming. What we’re trying to do is combat volatility often linked to all cryptocurrencies out there. Utility tokens have no foundation because of hype and speculation, led by supply and demand.

With Lyn token, we’re creating intrinsic value that is independent of hype. Following the successful launch of our ICO, the team at Lynchpin token will assist RMP Games in promoting their upcoming games worldwide. This way, our goal will be to boost traffic and raise awareness of RMP Games, thus ensuring community growth and consistent demand for Lyn tokens.